Securities America, an Independent Broker-Dealer with Innovative Technology for Better Management

State-of-the-art technology is critical in today’s world. You need a partner with technology that allows you to become more efficient, productive and profitable. Technology that has scalability and speed; that allows you to look at your program as a whole, or at a single advisor’s or branch’s business, and provides access to multiple levels of users – senior management, supervisors, licensed employees and administrative support personnel. Technology that provides you with secure, seamless integration of data, reducing not only paperwork, but the need for extra personnel, and providing you with information you need to ensure your program is compliant at both federal and state levels.

Securities America stands ready to meet and exceed your expectations with a wide array of technology applications. Our Internet-based applications mean you can expect creative solutions to your business needs delivered quickly to wherever you are, and these solutions can be adjusted rapidly to meet your requirements. This also means you and your clients have access to information 24 hours a day, from any Internet location.

Learn more about some of our technology offerings below:

The Business Center is our user-friendly website providing information and tools to help you run a more efficient and effective business. This resource, along with our Technology Practice Management Program and Field Technology Team, gives you comprehensive support to grow your business. Business Center provides access to these tools and resources:

  • Training resource library
  • Events calendar
  • Approved products
  • Training programs
  • Continuity and succession planning
  • Business development guides
  • Coordinated brand packages
  • Marketing materials such as ads, articles and press releases

Advantage Workstation makes navigation a snap, due to intuitively developed applications. This fully-integrated click-and-go online workstation allows you to place trades, create proposals and manage accounts – all within one application. All client information is retained in one place and used throughout, reducing the need to re-enter account information between tasks.

Solutions for a paperless office include our regulatory compliant image storage system, online document retrieval system, quarterly document distribution service, online scanned image transmittal system and permanent document storage solution. Every piece of business received via mail, fax or scanned transmittal is stored electronically, available online, backed-up daily and archived at an off-site bunkered location. Because the images are stored in our permanent storage system, they are considered original books and records. Thus, paper versions of any image existing on the system are no longer necessary.

Advantage Dashboard is the quickest way to retrieve consolidated information about your clients, households, office or branch. Completely customized, Advantage Dashboard helps you prepare for client meetings, discover hidden opportunities and identify the business trends impacting your office or branch. 

Account Manager is a command center for managing client and prospect contact and portfolio information. Brokerage assets, direct-held mutual funds and variable annuities are automatically downloaded and reconciled. The posting module allows you to add other assets, including not-held positions. Create household views, enter contact notes, develop targeted letter campaigns and integrate directly with other account maintenance tools to streamline your office workflow.

Business Center and Advantage Mobile Access is available for full functional access from mobile devices with the flexibility to place trades, review information and conduct business from any location. 

National Financial Wealthscape and Pershing NetX360 Online Brokerage Tools - Get quotes, place trades, check cost basis, check positions and transactions, pull up brokerage statements or tax documents, research individual investments, follow the market and more. 

Management Reports provide access to a host of office, compensation, advisory and client approved reports. You can review your commission or advisory fee statements, generate consolidated client reports including portfolio diversification and gain and loss reports, view your performance reports or create custom reports.

Add Account Tools let you group, complete and print Securities America and sponsor forms required for a new account in one process. Easy-to-complete registration screens allow you to pre-populate existing data, push duplicate data to multiple forms and establish your account immediately using the online account setup option. Obtain eSignatures and upload images for processing, then your office can monitor the process from start to finish through our real-time system.

Supervision Tools include management reports and non-brokerage trade review. OSJs and acting principals can use the system to review and approve business transactions by their advisors.

Administration Tools allow you to manage settings for everyone in your office. Create Business Center log-in codes and customize access to reports, accounts and online services. Track your continuing education status, license holdings and much more.

Planning Tools analyze data to address diverse planning needs. Complex financial concepts are clearly communicated in individualized recommendations using bundled solutions from Finance Logix and Forefield Advisor.

New Business Solutions has features such as Add Account, Set Up Account, Direct Sponsor Transactions and Update Account. These tools allow you to import data, pre-fill forms and transmit data to Securities America, National Financial and Pershing.

Account Servicing lets you submit money movement and position management requests online. Report issues and track resolutions, anytime online. Follow the progress of your request from submission to solution.

Managed Opportunities® is our fee-based wrap account program that provides access to money managers. It employs mutual fund asset allocation strategies and separate account portfolios invested across the risk spectrum and asset classes.

Web Mail is our secure email platform. It uses the power of Microsoft® Outlook Web Access with the convenience of Business Center to provide a powerful messaging tool that can be synced to your smart phone. To avoid the risk of identity theft through traditional unsecured email, Web Mail protects your clients by sending encrypted messages containing confidential information.

e*Star is your daily email news source. This newsletter delivers home office news, helpful tips and information on third-party programs and services.

Use account aggregation through Securities America’s planning tools or Albridge Wealth Reporting, in conjunction with CashEdge, to analyze and report on your client’s complete financial picture.

Albridge Wealth Reporting is a web-based, consolidated performance reporting application allowing you to produce client reports on-demand. You can quickly create and distribute a variety of performance, asset allocation, holdings, transactions, benchmarking and cost basis reports to your clients. You will be able to create account groups, choose from more than 35 client reports, access advisor reports to help manage your business and generate batch reporting to automate the creation of reports. An optional client view feature allows you to extend report capabilities to clients online using a password protected, secure connection. Albridge will help you retain existing clients, attract new business and differentiate yourself from your competition by helping you provide superior service.

Albridge Account Aggregation Powered by CashEdge combines CashEdge’s AllData solution with the Albridge Wealth Reporting solution, delivering a holistic financial snapshot of client portfolios. Your clients can add held-away assets from over 10,000 sources into Albridge. The end result is a more complete picture of a client’s portfolio resulting in better service and increased client loyalty.

Finance Logix with Account Aggregation integrates account aggregation from CashEdge or ByAllAccounts into the Finance Logix client portal, providing you and your clients with a holistic view of their financial situation. You are equipped with the knowledge to create an accurate financial plan.

Today’s sophisticated clients want to conveniently view and manage their assets online. Regardless of the clearing platform(s) you choose, Securities America’s technology lets you offer your clients online and mobile access to view accounts, make trades, deposit checks and elect to receive documentation electronically.​

Albridge Client View allows your clients to view reports and consolidated assets from a personal login. Additionally, CashEdge can be made available to your clients with account aggregation, providing you a better picture of your clients’ financial status and needs.

Wealthscape Investor is National Financial’s web-based portfolio management service that lets your clients view their account positions, balances, history and order status. It also lets them change reinvestment instructions and deposit checks. Available to all National Financial clearing advisors free of charge, this is a self-enrolled service, meaning your clients can register themselves.

NetXInvestor is Pershing’s online client portfolio management resource. Using Pershing’s enhanced security login procedure, clients can safely access their account summary, holdings, history, projected cash flows, balances and 15-minute delayed quotes on thousands of stocks, options, mutual funds and indices.